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Privacy Policy

Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In oder to facilitate a fast and effective development  of the relationship between Offitravel and the users of the website, we guarantee through this policy, the privacy of all collected personal  information, with the legal requirements and we inform of the personal data  protection policy so that  the users can decide freely and voluntarily if they wish to give their information to Offitravel via any  form or e-mail to subscribe the services offered, either on their website or any other  on-line means owned by them. Therefore the users consent  to the processing of their personal information, on the terms of this personal data protection policy administered by EU Regulation 679/2016 and consequently the information collected in a faithful,free and transparent manner, are exclusively for the use and specified purposes, and the user’s consent for such purposes is free, specific and explicit, having been collected in an unequivocal and informed way. Likewise, the user is acknowleged and informed of his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition and also those of portability, unattention and limitation which may be excercied at::

29006 – MÁLAGA

Below is the structure of the privacy policy of OFFITRAVEL

Responsable for the processing of your personal information

This privacy poilicy is applicable to all personal information that has been previously collected by OFFITRAVEL, either by on-line forms, or by the collection of personal data by any other  on-line means or e-mail address that may be collected in the future.

For the purposes of this privacy policy the “user” meaning any natural person interested in the products and/or services that OFFITRAVEL has to offer through both it’s website and its consultation address previously mentioned. Offitravel,  will be accountable for the processing of the personal information and at the moment of obtaining this information will ask for the faithful, explicit, informed and unequivocal consent of the user, whenever necessary, as well as at any other  time that requires prior authorization. The objective of OFFITRAVEL’S privacy policy is to give transparency to the information of how it is processed and protected after being collected.

The user will be able to contact the person responsable for the data protection at all times, if at any time there is doubt or necessity as to the data protection please write to the address previously mentioned or via e-mail at Protecciondatos@offitravel.com

será según la casuística:

II – Purpose for the process of your personal information

The user’s personal information will be incorporated into the files at OFFITRAVEL, with the purpose of managing clients and their information including sending (via post, e-mail, SMS or any other electronic means), of commercial communications on products, services, special offers, and news of their offers, products and/or services.

We inform the users that OFFITRAVEL will be able to use the personal  information provided to them  for client management as well as other purposes indicated below, To the degree that there is a basis of legitmation for each type of process as explained below it will depend on each case:

  1. Inform the user by any means, including the sending of commercial communications to the e-mail address that the user facilitates, of products and services of OFFITRAVEL, as well as the fulfillment of pacts, agreements and/or commercial contracts necessary to be able to fulfil the established medical or commercial relationship.
  2. Perform promotional activities on other OFFITRAVEL services including the sending of commercial communications to the email address that the user, if applicable, facilitates.
  3.  Assign personal data to authorized collaborators or other companies of the Offitravel group with the purpose of offering products and/or services, own or third parties, provided that the user is requested the consent for which, and subsequently, we will give.

III.-Basis of legitimation for the process of your personal information

The basis of the legitmation for the process of the data for reasons 1 and 2 is the execution of the agreement or contract of the provided services.

  • The basis of legitimation for the process of the data for reason 2 will be the consent of the user, if is has  been requested and granted, as well as the legitimate interest og. OFFITRAVEL S.L to let the user know about products or services they have previously acquired.
  • The basis of legitimation for the process of the data for reason 3 will be the consent that may have been requested by the user, without under any circumstances withdrawing the consent, conditioning the execution of the agreement or of the provided contract of the services. The user’s personal information shall not be used for these purposes and only in the event that OFFITRAVEL previously requests it, may be used for this exclusive purpose, with specific limitation and minimum data to do so.

OFFITRAVEL, at the time of  inscription, will collect and use the necessary information to access the users personal area.In the event that the latter should want to buy a product or hire a service  the company will collect and use any information needed to manage the buying process or hiring of a service. The user knows and accepts that if he/she does not fill in all the information necessary, this will prevent OFFITRAVEL from providing the services or selling products that are connected to this information.  Under no circumstances will the information be tranferred, exploited, or used for anything other than the one expressly stated, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so by medical professionals. During the inscription process, the user will be informed of the optional  nature of the collection of some of the information to be able to provide the services.

IV.-Period of preservation of the personal data

The data will be retained for the duration of the contractual  relationship and thereafter, the data will retained with the legal deadlines established by the current legislation, whislt the user does not withdraw the consent excercising his/her rights. For any other type of user, the data will be maintained likewise during the period of relationship with OFFITRAVEL, (except  for the two cases, the treatment is based on the consent of the user and he/she revokes it. In this case the data will beretained until such revocation is received). Consequently, the data shall not be retained longer than is necessary for the purposes detailed above, with prejudice to the conservation necessary for theformulation, exercise or defense of potential claims and/or whenever allowed by the applicable law.

V.- Access to personal  Information

To be able to provide the optimal service that OFFITRAVEL offers, they may require third parties to perform complementary services or under their orders, access the user’s personal  information being held accountable for this process. All service lenders who are in charge of this usage are within the European Economic Area or are included in the list of countries in which they offer a level of security equivalent to that of the Spanish and required by the RGPD regulation.  In the event that there was ever any data transfer to countries outside of this area, OFFITRAVEL guarantees that it would only be carried out by means of the authorization of the Spanish Control Authority (Data Protection Agency), by the model clauses approved by the commision or if needed by privacy Shield by the United States. For more information on the foregoing waranties or the fact that they have been provided, you can contact the address previously mentioned.

As well as the access that third party providers may have to the personal information, OFFITRAVEL is responsable, acting as national or international  managers, within the structure of providing a service to the person responsable for processing, informing them of the possibility of transfering the personal information of the user, to the collaborators authorized by OFFITRAVEL, as well as pursuing their duty of professionalism and confidentialty regulated by the current legislation. And as detailed in the section II, with the requested consent  by the user is required and that has been granted.

As well as the previously mentioned, OFFITRAVEL may make transfers or communicate personal information to meet with its obligations with the Public Administrations in the cases that are so required in accordance with the current legislation at any time and, if applicable, also to any other  society such as  Fuerzas y Cuerpos de Seguridad del Estado (Forces and  Teams of State Security) and to judicial authorities.

VI- Users Rights and Exercise of Rights

OFFITRAVEL informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability, inattention and limitation (ARCO-POL) of the procedure, as well as rejecting the automated procedure of the personal information collected.

These rights may be exercised free of charge by the user, and if applicable, to whom represents them, by means of a written and signed request  to the previously mentioned address.

This request must contain the reference “ OFFITRAVEL Protection Data” as the subject and will have to include the following information: Name, Surname,  Address for notification purposes, a photocopy of the National Identiy document or passport, and request in which the application is specified. In the case of representation, it will have to be proven with a reliable document. Likewise, the user may exercise the previously mentioned rights via e-mail at protecciondedatos@offitravel.com

As well at  the rights aforementioned, the user has the right to withdraw the granted consent at any time through the procedure described above,  without  the withdrawal  of consent affecting the legality of the previous procedure prior to the withdrawal thereof. Accordingly the user’s information may continue to be processed to the extent  permitted by the law.

Likewise, we remind the user that he/she has the right to present a claim before the pertinent Authority Control.

VII. – Technical organizational and security measures implemented

OFFITRAVEL agrees to comply with its obligation of  confidentiality of the users personal information and of its duty to keep  them, adopting the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access, in accordance with that established by the applicable legal regualtions.

OFFITRAVEL has inplemented the security measures of technical and organizational nature necessary to ensure the security of the user’s personal information and prevent their alteration, loss and/or  unauthorised processing or access, taking intto account: the level of technology, nature of the stored data, the risks and what they are exposed to, whether they come from  human action or a physical or natural  means, in accordance with that established by the applicable regulations.

OFFITRAVEL concerned about privacy and aware of the right that corresponds to it, with the intention of strengthening the confidentiality and integrity of the information in its organization, contiuously maintains the supervision, control  and evaluation of its processes to ensure  respect for the privacy and security of the information, according to international standards, periodically performing a risk analysis and  evaluation of the impact of such on the personal  information processing.

VIII.- Responsibilities

The contents of the websites to which the users have access through the web searcher service are merely informative for all users interested, this meaning that no commercial, contractual or professional relationship between users and OFFITRAVEL is generated.  In case of dicrepancies between the website and the published paper version, the information contained in the paper version will prevail. Opinions, images, etc. contributed by third parties that are not controlled by OFFITRAVEL will in no way be held responsable for these. Also excluding any liability for damages of any kind that may arise from access to content, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images, created by third parties and facilities for the users or for the contents accessible via the website searcher, that are against the law, morality, good faith and public order, violate intellectual property rights, industrial or contain any defect, computer virus or a similar software package.  As soon as  it known that any of the contents, opinions or concepts put on the website are  against the law, morality good faith and public order or contaiin any type of computer virus or similar software, will proceed to its withdrawal, communicating such happenings to the corresponding Authority Control. OFFITRAVEL will not be held responsable for damage of any kind that may arise from the acquisition and use by third parties of information and images that do not depend directly on it or its website, or that are not managed by it, even if appearing on the website under a collaboration signed agreement, in the present or future by OFFITRAVEL, going against the responability claimed by the person in charge of the correspondinig process.

Exemption from responsibility of the website’s activity:

OFFITRAVEL offers its services and contents on an ongoing basis using all technical means at its disposal to perform this service in a satisfactory manner. Therefore, it may, when it deems appropriate, make corrections, improvements, or modifications to the information contained on the web to the SERVICES or CONTENTS, without  this giviing any right to claim compensation,or  imply any recognition of  responsability. Neither will it be held responsable for damages of any kind that may arise from the unavailability and/or technical discontinuity of the website’s activity. In any case, all necessary actions will be taken to restore your services if a technical failure should occur.

Exemption from responsability for content provided by OFFITRAVEL to its users through the website, and those accessible through the website search  engine: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE CONTENTS OF THEWEBSITE.

The texts (informations, concepts, opinions and others similar) and graphic elements (photographs, design, logos , source codes, and others similar) that constitute the website and are desiminated through it, as well as its presentation and assembly, are owned exclusively by OFFITRAVEL to which they hold all exploitation rights through agreements with third parties. In this way, they are constituted as protected works by the whole of the Spanish and Commiunity regulation in the field of intellectual property, in accordance with the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of the 12th of April, which approves the revised text of the intellectual  property law and law 5/1998, of the 6th of March, on the incorporation of Spanish law of directive 96/9/EC on the legal database protection, resulting also from the application of international treaties subscribed in this field. Consequently, no liciense of use or autorization is granted on their rights of industrial and intellectual property or on any other property or right related to the website, except specific agreements with third parties. Users may carry out the reproducition of the contents of the website for the sole purpose of proceeding with its storage, or printing it on paper for private use. Apart from the previously mentioned, any reproduction, distribution, transformation, presentaiton, total or partial, of the content of the website or any of its elements, directly or indirectly by telematic networks or similar supports, for commercial purposes  directed at the public or for any use other than those mentioned are strictly prohibited, provided that  there is no written authorization from OFFITRAVEL  or from collaborating third parties. The failure to comly with the above mentioned, will be permitted to take the relevant legal action.

Are specifically prohibited:

The presentation of a page in the website in a frame of another  site that does not belong to OFFITRAVEL, via a technique called framing unless having express written authorization by OFFITRAVEL.

The insertion of an image that has been desseminated on the website, a page or database, that does not belong to OFFITRAVEL, through the technique called in line linking provided that this does not have express authorization.

The extraction and use of elements of the website causing, or not, any harm to OFFITRAVEL, in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996,  of the 12th of April, which approves the revised text of the law of intellectual property and law 5/1998, of the 6th of March, on the incorporation into Spanish law of directive 96/9CE on the legal  database protection. Consequently, OFFITRAVEL, will have to expressly authorize the establishment of  hypertext links (hyperlinks) in another website addressed to the home page of this website or any other internal page, provided that  the corresponding pages appear in a complete window and under their own electronic address. The rights not expressly granted above are reserved. All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs,logos, symbols, mixed, figurative or nomiinative trademarks that appear currently or in the future on the website belong to OFFITRAVEL or have the regulatory permits for their use and reproduction, being protected by the current legislation.

IX.-Links to other sites

The OFFITRAVEL website may include hyperlinks to other places that are not operated or controlled by OFFITRAVEL. For this reason, it is not guaranteed, nor can it be held responsable for the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity and timeliness of the contents of such websites or their privacy policies. Please, before providing your personal information to websites outside of this one, take into account that the compliance with data protection might be different from OFFITRAVEL.

x.- The use of cookies and activity file

OFFITRAVEL,or on its behalf, a third party contracted for the provision of audience measurement services, may use cookies when a user browses the places and websites. Cookies are files sent to a browser through a web server to record the user’s activity on the website. The cookies used by OFFITRAVEL are detailed in the table at the end of this section. On the website, the acceptance of the cookies is previously requested following the legal regulations. When the user allows their reception, accepts their use, this allows the server to know  you are using them. To manage them you will have to consult the how to use instructions on your server. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for OFFITRAVEL, or the third party acting on its behalf to recognize the browser of the computer being used by the user in order to make browsing easier, for example, allowing access to users who have previously registered, access areas, services, promotions or contests reserved exclusively to them without having to register on each visit. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, monitor the progress and number of entries to the website. The user has the possibility to configure his/her browser to be notified on the screen on the reception of cookies and to prevent its installation on his/her disk. The OFFITRAVEL website, or third party acting on its behalf are:

  • Techniques, for the correct navigation of the website.
  • Personalization, to allow personal characteristics to be adapted to navigation (ex. Language)
  • Analysis, to allow monitoring of the use and statistical purposes of the website.
  • Advertising to include advertising space on the web.
  • Behavioral advertising to include adveritising depending on the user’s browsing habits.
  • The cookies of session are a type of coookie that is used while you are browsing and the persistent cookies, are stored in the terminal to provide the requested service.

All of this information is registered in a server activity file that allows the subsequent processiing of the data in order to obtain statistical information or fraudulent use that  may be the object  of missuse of the platform and in no case for the creation of profiles or customs of use, which may define a user’s behaviour, as well as a subsequent analysis. As provided in the article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Mail of July 11th (LSSICE) OFFITRAVEL informs you of the cookies we use on our website:




These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
NID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
PREF Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
SAPISID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
SID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
HSID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
SSID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
APISID Google These cookies are used by Google to store the user’s preferences and the information during the display of the pages with Google Maps on them. Cookie Esencial
_ga Google Google Universal Analytics: System to analyze the traffic on the web. Cookie Analitica
__utma Google Stores the amount of the users visits, and the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit. Cookie Analitica
__utmb Google It is used to check approximately how long you stay on one site. Cookie Analitica
__utmc Google It is used to check approximately how long you stay on one site. Cookie Analitica
__utmt Google Limits the percentage of requests on sites with a lot of traffic. Cookie Analitica
__utmz Google Sites from which a visitor comes (search engine, search keyword,link) Cookie Analitica
__utmv Google This cookie is used to store custom values. This cookie is only written if you have added the _setVar() method to the tracking code on your website.

Expires 2 years after set/update.

Cookie Analitica
Name Server form which it is sent Purpose Own/Third party Excluded/Not excluded

(of the duty of consent and information)


expopt .offitravel.es Absolutely necessary. This cookie is used to identify the user’s language Own Yes Offitravel
PHPSESSID www.offitravel.es Absolutely necessary. This cookie is used to kow the previous searches based on a product. Own Yes Offitravel
jsCookieCheck www.offitravel.es Absolutely necessary. This cookie is used to identify a user that has visited our portal previously. Own Yes Offitravel
brand .offitravel.es Absolutely necessary. This cookie is used to identify the origin of the visit. Own Yes Offitravel
remite .offitravel.es Absolutely necessary. This cookie is used to identify when a page is abandoned. Own Yes Offitravel

To modify the cookie configuration of the usual  browsers, you can consult:

Firefox from here: http://support.mozilla.org/es/kb/habilitar-y-deshabilitar-cookies-que-los- sitios-we

Chrome from here: http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647

Explorer from here: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/internet-explorer/delete-manage- cookies#ie=ie-10

Safari from here: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph17191?locale=es_ES 

Opera from here: http://help.opera.com/Windows/11.50/es-ES/cookies.html

XI.- Modification of the Privacy Policy

Offitravel may modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with the applicable legislation at any time. In case, any modification of the Privacy Policy takes place it will be duly notified to the user so that he/she is informed of the changes made in the processing of his/her personal information and, if applicable regulations so require, the  user may grant his/her consent.


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